Leather for leather goods, footwear, accessories and clothing

Leather specially developed for the leather goods and fashion industry with emphasis on companies who export items such as suitcases and bags that require suppliers who provide sustainable and innovative materials.

Design and exclusivity in your products

We have an innovation and development department that can fabricate the leather according to the characteristics you require in an exclusive and personalized way.

You can customize: color, grain, caliber, texture and shine according to your color palette, collection and mood board.

Portfolio: leather for leather goods

Notice: Images for reference only. Colors in the physical product may vary from the image.

Beige - Nude - White

Blue - Grey




Quick delivery times

Our production is available 365 days a year, supply times vary from 8 to 25 working days depending on the reference.

Quality and durability

Our leathers are processed under high quality standards to ensure the durability of their finishes.


We have an innovation and development department that can design and produce leather according to the characteristics required by our customers.

Different colors and textures

We have a database of more than 300 colors, multiple textures, effects and glows that we can produce according to your project.

Our portfolio

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