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Since leather comes from nature, it has an irregular surface and does not come in rolls and exact measurements like textile. Its presentation can be in side or in full hides. Its unit of sale is square decimeters, that is to say, per area, which corresponds to a square of 10 cm x 10 cm. Detailed information in our blog.

In the leather world, thickness is called calibre. Its unit of measurement is millimeters of thickness and a caliper or caliper gauge is used for its measurement.

Our minimum sales unit is 1 full hide or 400 dm² approx. For customized orders (thickness, color and texture different from our normal catalog) or chrome-free leather, the minimum order is 5 full hides or 2000 dm².

The leather we use is made from the residue of the meat industry. All our processes are environmentally sustainable. Leather is a durable and biodegradable material, key aspects in the life cycle of use and environmental footprint. We have a wastewater treatment facility, which guarantees that the water arrives in excellent conditions to the water sources. We also reduce water consumption in our processes and use water-based finishes that protect the ozone layer. For more than 20 years we have been working in our sector for the protection of water and gender equity, 50% of our employees are women.

Colombian sabanero cowhide from the utilization of meat industry residues.

We have several types of sample books available. Contact us to our Whatsapp to give you all the information.

Our production plant is located in Tocancipá- Colombia. At the moment we do not receive visitors in our showroom. We give you all the advice you require virtually.

We do not agree to call leather to materials that are not of animal origin, this tends to confuse consumers about the origin of the material. Vegan leather or eco-leather are generally PU (Polyurethane), PVS (Polyvinyl) and Vinyl, these materials are synthetic plastics from petroleum and their biodegradability time is 100 – 1000 years. We do not sell these materials. We recommend to be informed about the origin and components of the material, as well as its environmental impact, legality of the company, biodegradability and lifetime to make an informed decision about the type of material you wish to purchas

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Quick delivery times

Our production is available 365 days a year, supply times vary from 8 to 25 working days depending on the reference.

Quality and durability

Our leathers are processed under high quality standards to ensure the durability of their finishes.


We have an innovation and development department that can design and produce leather according to the characteristics required by our customers.

Different colors and textures

We have a database of more than 300 colors, multiple textures, effects and glows that we can produce according to your project.

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