Sustainable leather

Sustainability as an example, customers as a team, innovation as a bond.




Seasonal colors

Guardians of the water

Chrome free tanned leather

We process our leather using the best environmental practices. Taking care of water has been one of Biocueros' essential goals. This is why we have developed our chrome-free lines for leather goods, footwear and furniture.

Sustainable Leather

Our Biocueros are sustainable leather, our company has been founded with the purpose of manufacturing a durable leather and environmentally and socially responsible.

We take care of water, land and air!

cuero sostenible

Quick delivery times

Our production is available 365 days a year, supply times vary from 8 to 25 working days depending on the reference.

Quality and durability

Our leathers are processed under high quality standards to ensure the durability of their finishes.


We have an innovation and development department that can design and produce leather according to the characteristics required by our customers.

Different colors and textures

We have a database of more than 300 colors, multiple textures, effects and glows that we can produce according to your project.

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