Our Biocueros are sustainable leather, our company has been founded with the purpose of manufacturing durable, environmentally and socially responsible leather. We take care of the water, the land and the air!

We believe that leather is a relevant material in the world we live in today, it is a material that has accompanied mankind since its beginnings and has unique characteristics that nature gives us.

In the link below you can view the GRI Sustainability Report 2019. In it you can find all the information about who we are and our activity.

The leather

Our starting point


The leather we use is the recovery of waste from the meat industry, we transform this waste and give it a new life. Our leather is of animal origin.


Our Biocueros biodegrade in landfill conditions in 3-50 years. Our chrome-free line takes 3-5 years to biodegrade and our traditional chrome tanning line takes 20-50 years.


Leather has versatile characteristics that we can take advantage of in various industries and for different applications. Flexibility and rigidity, breathability and impermeability, softness and elasticity, besides offering very good resistance to friction and temperatures. It can also be finished in different colors, textures, sheens and tones.


Leather is a long lasting material, a key aspect in the life cycle of use. Products made from our Biocueros can last 5-20 years in excellent condition and can be passed from generation to generation. We design our Biocueros to be durable materials and as time goes by they develop a beautiful appearance like a fine wine that improves with time.

Our processes

Our production facility is located in Tocancipá - Colombia, in an industrial complex, where we work together with other companies in the strengthening of the sector and compliance with environmental regulations. Throughout our production chain we are constantly working to reduce energy and water consumption, we have migrated to cleaner energy sources.


We optimize the use of emission generating sources, which we constantly measure and control. We use water-based finishes that protect the ozone layer.


Water is life for us, so we know the responsibility we have to take care of it and preserve it. We have worked to reduce water consumption in our processes, especially in the tanning processes, we have developed new processes that consume 20% less water than traditional processes. Our company has a disposal permit, we have a wastewater treatment facility that complies with environmental regulations, which guarantees that the water arrives in excellent conditions to the water sources.


We add value to our solid waste, using it as raw material for other industries and disposing of it properly.

The people

For us, people are the fundamental pillar of our companies. We have gender equity policies; today we can proudly say that 60% of our team is made up of women. We have several programs within our organization to promote access to quality education, health and welfare, along with the implementation of the Management and Safety at Work System.

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