BIOCUEROS COLOMBIA SAS guarantees for its products, the free repair service for any manufacturing defect including the necessary labor for diagnosis and repair only within the warranty period.

Warranty terms and conditions

  • Warranty period: The valid warranty period covers the first purchaser for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase, under normal conditions of use.  
  • Warranty claim: In order to claim the warranty, it is necessary to present the purchase invoice and request a technical visit (subject to coverage area).
  • Coverage: The warranty will only be attended in the places where the product has been delivered by BIOCUEROS COLOMBIA SAS.

It is not understood as a defect that generates a warranty the eventual marks originated by the animal in life such as: open scratches, cured scratches, iron and/or acid marks, wounds and alterations of the grain caused by diseases and/or insects typical of bovines, holes produced in the skinning process, machining, among others.

The eventual variations or diminution of tone in the finish of the leathers over time is a normal process, being more pronounced this effect on those leathers whose finish is more natural (e.g. Marble, Elite, Antique).

The warranty does NOT cover:

  • Any damage caused by the purchaser.
  • Abuse and negligence by the user.
  • Use of chemical products that alter the normal aging behavior of the leather, exposure to ultraviolet light and intense light, for example, that emitted by halogen lamps.
  • Damage caused by alteration to liquids such as acids, dyes and other corrosive agents, as well as stains from inks, paints or body secretions.
  • Secondary or indiscreet damages, dirt caused by the use or by not following the recommendations in our indications: CARE AND CLEANING OF OUR BIOCUEROS.
  • Return or refund of money..

The responsibility of BIOCUEROS COLOMBIA SAS, does not exceed in any case the purchase price of the leather in replacement, nor does it offer any other warranty expressed or implied.

Notice: Images for reference only. Colors in the physical product may vary from the image.

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